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Race and Ethnic Studies Affiliated Faculty

Faculty Advisers:

  • Director: *Zahi Zalloua, French and Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Susanne Beechey, Politics
  • Shampa Biswas, Politics
  • Helen Kim, Sociology 
  • Nina Lerman, History
  • Gaurav Majumdar, English
  • *Jason Pribilsky, Anthropology and Race and Ethnic Studies
  • Matt Reynolds, Art History and Visual Culture Studies
  • *Nicole Simek, French and Interdisciplinary Studies (on
    sabbatical, Spring 2023)
  • Lisa Uddin, Art History and Visual Culture Studies
  • Jacqueline Woodfork, History

* RAES Steering Committee

In addition to the RAES major advisors, the following faculty are (generally) available for thesis committees:

  • Halefom Belay, Economics
  • Aaron Bobrow-Strain, Politics
  • Julia Ireland, Philosophy
  • Brian Dott, History
  • Patrick Frierson, Philosophy
  • Delbert Hutchison, Biology
  • Michelle Janning, Sociology
  • Elyse Semerdjian, History
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