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Printmaking & Book Arts

The printmaking and book arts area provides students with an understanding of the processes, concepts and issues that inform contemporary printmaking and book arts. Students develop a broad range of traditional and contemporary skills in the creation of editioned and one-of-a-kind prints, installations, posters, zines, broadsides and artist’s books. Alongside their studio explorations, students examine the cultural and historical significance of the print and book while investigating ideas related to replication, representation and distribution.

As printed matter becomes an increasingly ubiquitous part of our visual culture, issues related to printmaking and book arts are positioned at the center of our daily lives. From the commercial world of publishing, advertising and printed products to the fine art press and studio tradition, students are encouraged to investigate and borrow from all of these areas which are now encompassed in the broadening field of printmaking and book arts. We encourage young artists to ask how books and print media can continue to be powerful avenues for communication and artistic intervention. Ultimately, students realize the creative and expressive possibilities of printed images, text and book forms in a studio that promotes collaboration, exchange and experimentation.

Printmaking & Book Arts Courses

109: Foundations: Optical Imaging

170: Beginning Printmaking

270: Intermediate Printmaking

370: Advanced Printmaking

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