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a student sits in the hallway of the art building working on a drawing

Foundations courses introduce students to art-making processes and strategies that form the basis for future engagement in art. These courses are typically less media-specific, instead centering on skills and practices that empower students to think fundamentally and broadly about creativity, design, process, problem-solving and problem-generating.

Students may find themselves considering the relationship between text and image through making artist’s books; leveraging activism, forms of resistance, and community-building in social practice approaches; using 3-D printing, scanning, modeling and digital image manipulation to participate in maker spaces; pushing the limits of their cameras and scanners to gather images in traditional and nontraditional ways; studying color theory and perception; confronting animals and culture through contemporary art; learning methods of abstract painting; or transforming found objects into meaningful sculptural forms.  

The selection of available foundations courses each semester is dynamic, and reflects the expertise of faculty in the department, so check the course catalogue for the most current offerings.

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