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students work on their still-life paintings of skeletons

Courses in painting emphasize diverse approaches to the medium. The program also helps students gain an awareness of historical traditions and contemporary critical and cultural issues relevant to painting. Image content, visual language and idea development are explored as well. All courses work with color, form and paint handling using oil paint and mediums.

Beginning Painting provides students a strong foundation in painting concepts and skills. Students create paintings from direct observation using still life, working from photographs and working from the imagination.

Intermediate and Advanced Painting concentrate on the development of a personal direction and creating a cohesive series of work. Students are challenged to create work that maintains a broad awareness of historical, contemporary and cultural issues. Cross-disciplinary directions are encouraged if appropriate to the student’s ideas, both in material use and/or content of work.

students in a beginning painting class

The painting studios in the Fouts Center for Visual Arts provide ample space, natural light and ventilation. Students enrolled in painting classes have access outside of class time. Painting senior Art major students are provided a semiprivate painting studio during their senior year.

Painting Courses

108: Foundations: Approaches in Abstract Painting

167: Beginning Painting

267: Intermediate Painting

367: Advanced Painting

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