Professor Lauren Osborne

Associate Professor of Religion

Hunter Conservatory 304


My current research is on the recitation of the Qur'an and the possibilities for understanding meaning across the sound and experience of the text. In this research, I employ both hermeneutic and ethnographic methods, drawing on my background in religious studies and music. In both my research and my teaching, I am also interested in non-discursive meaning in religious texts and experience, mysticism (particularly its literary aesthetics), Jews and Muslims in medieval Andalusia, and music and religion.

Teaching Areas

Courses on Islam, religion and aesthetics, and some crossover into the study of Judaism.


  • Religion 110 Religion & the Senses
  • Religion 203 What Is Religion?
  • Religion 207 Introduction to Islam
  • Religion 217 The Qur'an
  • Religion 236 Comparative Scriptures
  • Religion 307 / Film and Media Studies 307 Mediating Religions
  • Religion 310 Hearing Islam
  • Religion 321 Islamic Mysticism

Selected Publications

2019 "Aural Epistemology: Hearing and Listening in the Text of the Qur'an" and volume introduction, "The Qur'an and Affect," Body and Religion 3, number 1, (2019): 71-93.

2019 "Feeling the Words: Sayyid Qutb's Affective Engagement with the Qurʾan in Al-Taswir al-Fanni fi al-Qurʾan," Religion Compass.

2019 Edited work, Syndicate Symposium on Karen Bauer's Gender Hierarchy in the Qur'an. Syndicate Network.

2016 "Textual and Paratextual Meaning in the Recited Qur'an: Analysis of a Performance of Surat al-Furqan by Sheikh Mishary bin Rashid al-Afasy." Qur'anic Studies Today, edited by Angelika Neuwirth and Michael Sells. New York: Routledge, 2016.

2016 "The Experience of the Recited Qur'an." Invited contribution for "Bringing Sound into Middle East Studies," a roundtable organized by Carole Woodall and Andrea Stanton. International Journal of Middle East Studies 48, issue 01 (February 2016): 124-128. DOI: