• Elyse Semerdjian

    Elyse Semerdjian

    Professor of History (Middle East, Islamic World), Chair

    Maxey Hall 237

    Education: PhD Georgetown, 2002

    Areas of Interest: Middle East, Islamic World

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  • Brian R. Dott

    Brian R. Dott

    Professor (East Asia, China, Japan, religion, gender)

    Maxey Hall 238

    Education: PhD University of Pittsburgh, 1998

    Areas of Interest: East Asia, China, Japan, religion, gender

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  • John D. Cotts

    John D. Cotts

    Professor of History

    Maxey Hall 220

    Education: PhD UC Berkeley, 2000

    Areas of Interest: Medieval Europe

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  • Jakobina K. Arch

    Associate Professor of History (Environmental, East Asia, Japan)

    Maxey Hall 218

    Education: PhD Harvard University, 2014

    Areas of Interest: Environmental History, Japan

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  • Sarah H. Davies

    Sarah H. Davies

    Associate Professor of History (Ancient Mediterranean)

    Maxey Hall 230
    (Fall '22) MTTh 4-5pm, or by appointment

    Education: PhD University of Texas, 2012

    Areas of Interest: Ancient Mediterranean

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  • Nina E. Lerman

    Associate Professor (18th and 19th Century US, gender and race, History of Technology/Medicine/Science)

    Maxey Hall 219

    Education: PhD University of Pennsylvania,1993

    Areas of Interest: 18th and 19th Century US, gender and race, History of Technology/Medicine/Science

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  • Lynn L. Sharp

    Lynn L. Sharp

    Associate Professor (France, Germany, modern Europe: culture, society, gender)

    Maxey Hall 233

    Education: PhD University of California, Irvine, 1996

    Areas of Interest: France, Germany, modern Europe: culture, society, gender

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  • Jacqueline Woodfork

    Associate Professor (Africa)

    Maxey Hall 135

    Education: PhD University of Texas, 2001

    Areas of Interest: Africa

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  • Camilo Lund-Montaño

    Assistant Professor (U.S. in the World)

    Maxey Hall 236

    Education: PhD University of California Berkeley, 2019

    Areas of Interest: 20th and 21st century U.S., Latin America

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