Professor Denise Hazlett and Professor Marian Manic will be on Sabbatical for the 2019-2020 academic year. 

Professors Pulkit Nigam, and Joe Whitmam will be new Visiting Assistant Professors.

Professor Rosie Mueller joined the Economics Department in fall 2018.  She teaches Principles of Microeconomics, Principles of Microeconomics & the Environment, Intermediate Microeconomics, Environmental & Natural Resource Economics, and Econometrics.  Professer Mueller earned her Ph.D. and M.S. in economics at Oregon State University.

Professor Marian Manic joined the Economics Department in fall 2016. He teaches Principles of Macroeconomics, Financial Accounting, Corporate Finance, and Investment Theory & Analysis.  Professor Manic earned his Ph.D. in economics and his International M.B.A. at the University of South Carolina. 

Professors Halefom Belay and Jan Crouter were the recipients of Whitman College faculty awards in May 2015.  Professor Belay received the George Ball Award for Excellence in Advising, and Professor Crouter received the Robert Y. Fluno Award for Distinguished Teaching in the Social Sciences.

Professor Pete Parcells presented his research on the "Economic Outlook for Washington State" at the 58th Annual Meeting of the WRSA (Western Regional Science Association) in Napa, CA in February 2019. He is also a Board Member of the WRSA and was part of the organizing committee for the 2019 Annual Meeting in Napa, CA. Professor Parcells participates in the Olympia Economics Symposium each year and in addition to being the Advisor to the Whitman Investment Company Student Group, was the advisor and organizer for Whitman College's participation in the WIC@MOF event in Seattle. This was a seminar and networking event sponsored by the Whitman Investment Company Student Group at the Museum of Flight. Parcells is currently on the Advisory Board for Pearson Publishers, a Referee for the Journal of Economic Education, a Focus Group Reviewer and Technical Advisor for Norton Publishers, and coordinates activities for the Whitman College Prison Research Group. (WCPRG). He is also the Advisor for the student group "College Republicans" as well as the Whitman Business Management Advisor.

2020 Department Honors and Recognition

The James F. Shepherd Award for Outstanding Economics Graduate was given to Lily Gustafson. The award was instituted to honor Professor Jim Shepherd and to recognize each year’s outstanding senior student in the Economics Department.  

The Department of Economics Jan P. Crouter Student Achievement Award was given to Blair Bingham. The award was named to honor Professor Jan Crouter and to recognize excellence in the study of Economics.

The Economics-Mathematics Student Achievement Award was given to Nick Collard.

This award intends to recognize students with a record of outstanding achievement in economics and mathematics. A recipient will be selected by the Economics and the Mathematics and Statistics departments.

Senior Class Representatives

The Economics Department is grateful for the efforts of students who served the department during the 2019-2020 year:

  • Lily Gustafson
  • Blake Killingsworth

Economics Department Awards, 1962-2019

WSJ refers to the Wall Street Journal Student Achievement Award; JFS refers to the Whitman College James F. Shepherd Award for Outstanding Economics Graduate; SAA refers to the Whitman College Economics Department Student Achievement Award; JCSAA refers to the Whitman College Economics Department Jan P. Crouter Student Achievement Award. EMSAA refers to the Whitman College Economics-Mathematics Student Achievement Award.

Devon Yee

Year Recipient Award
1962 Wesley Roland Fields WSJ
1963 Stephen Smith McConnel WSJ
1964 Walter Clifford Minnick WSJ
1965 Richard Wakefield Tatman WSJ
1966 Donald John Vogt WSJ
1967 Thomas Watson Church, Jr. WSJ
1968 Richard Irvin King WSJ
1969 Gary Lee Wolfstone WSJ
1970 Richard Hathaway Blaker WSJ
1971 James David Vaughn WSJ
1972 James Lee Fogle WSJ
1973 Stuart Foster Henigson WSJ
1974 Lynne Hideko Himeda WSJ
1975 David John Wardenaar WSJ
1976 Elizabeth Neils WSJ
1977 Cecil William Baxter III WSJ
1978 Thomas Howard Hill WSJ
1979 Kristine Marie Johnson WSJ
1980 Richard William Seibold WSJ
1981 Ralph David Simpson WSJ
1982 James Brian Pogue WSJ
1983 Arthur Buell Ish III WSJ
1984 Dale Robert Weideman WSJ
1985 Cecily Elizabeth McCowen WSJ
1986 Thomas Brent Baker WSJ
1987 Patricia Kimiko Yamane WSJ
1988 Jeffrey Craig Clark WSJ
1989 Brian Patrick McCracken WSJ
1990 Scott Patrick Alderman WSJ
1991 Robert Alan Hinnen WSJ
1992 Scott Nelson Phillips WSJ
1993 Angelo Radostinov Moskov WSJ
1994 Rea Lynn Culwell WSJ
1995 Karol Marcin WSJ
1996 Lucie Starns McCoy WSJ
1997 Amanda Marie Kernen WSJ
1998 David Eric Toomey WSJ
1999 Peter Benjamin Stiffler WSJ
2000 Gary Jacob Hunter WSJ
2001 Michael M. Caughey WSJ
2002 Erich R.v.O Wolf WSJ
2003 Maurice Gordon Solomon WSJ
2004 Laura Paola Vizcaino JFS
  Jessica Law Branom-Zwick JFS
2005 Katie Elizabeth Santorsola JFS
  Laura A. Bakkensen JFS
2006 Brian James Ritchie JFS
  Michael Scott Wert WSJ
2008 Benjamin Keefer JFS
  David Alexander Greenwood-Sanchez WSJ
2009 Gareth E. Olds (JFS) JFS
  Patricia "Alex" Robinson  WSJ
2010 Jenna Elizabeth Stearns JFS
  Elizabeth Forsyth  WSJ
2011 Leah Nicole Wheeler JFS
  Meredith Laurance Danko  SAA
2012 Erik William Lyon  JFS
  Alexander Ardeshir Zendeh  SAA
2013 Nicholas Max Marquiss JFS
  Shanglun Wang  SAA
2014 Gabriel Lewis  JFS
  Eli Lewis  SAA
2015 Yonah Biers-Ariel JFS
  Noah Jensen


2016 Marissa Lynn Childs


Keely Mariette Adjorlolo


2017 Nick Johnson


Trevor Lewis SAA
2018 Devon Yee JCSAA
Quinn Salkind


2019 Bryn Louise JCSAA
Nina Sharp


Tyler Maule EMSAA
2020 Lily Gustafson JFS
Blair Bingham JCSAA
Nick Collard EMSAA