Sophie Lucido Johnson '08Alumna Sophie Lucido Johnson '08 will publish her first book, Many Love, next year. The illustrated memoir about alternative relationship models will be published by Regan Arts, an imprint of Phaidon.Publishers Weekly describes the work as: "'Hyperbole and a Half' Meets 'Sex at Dawn.'" 

Here's what Sophie has to say about the impact of the English Major on this trajectory: 

"My experience as an English major has been completely invaluable. I have spent the last seven years as a teacher in New Orleans, and found that the instruction I received from my professors at Whitman showed me a lot about the kind of teacher I wanted to be. My professors were rigorous and persistent...which is something I carried to my own teaching practice. The small class size also allowed me to develop and hone my writing practice. I took a composition class at Whitman that has fundamentally shaped my commitment to writing; I reference that class all the time when people ask me how I produce as much writing as I do. We were asked to write something new every class, which met three times a week. That's how I learned that writing ability is a muscle that needs to be constantly stretched in order to grow. Whitman exposes its English majors to such a wide range of literature that you leave with a fairly exhaustive library - a veritable toolkit for any aspiring writer."