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Whitman College Board of Trustees Appoints Two New Members

Whitman College has announced the appointment of two distinguished alumni to its Board of Trustees: Kirsten Adams Gable ’01 and Cecilia Kang ’94. Both bring a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to the Whitman community, further strengthening the college’s leadership and vision for the future.

Portrait of Kirsten Gable

Gable graduated from Whitman with a bachelor’s degree in Biology and an Environmental Studies minor. She went on to earn a Master of Business Administration from Gonzaga University. 

“I truly believe Whitman has a critical role in establishing the future I want to see by preparing our students to be the broadly educated thinkers and leaders that will make our communities and society better,” Gable says.

She is currently the Organizational Transformation Practice Lead at Sapere Consulting, a management consulting firm practicing within the energy sector. She has remained deeply engaged with the Whitman community, has served as Chair of the President’s Advisory Board and Alumni Board President, and has been active in supporting student career development through mentorship in conjunction with the Career and Community Engagement Center. Gable resides in Spokane, Washington. 

Portrait of Cecilia Kang

Kang graduated from Whitman with a degree in English Language and Literature. As an award-winning National Correspondent at The New York Times, Kang reports on the intersection of technology and public policy, translating complex issues to broad audiences with narrative storytelling and clear explanatory writing. She is the co-author of the national and international bestseller “An Ugly Truth: Inside Facebook’s Battle for Domination.”

“I became curious about the world and found my purpose at Whitman,” Kang says. “I’d like to help keep the traditions of Whitman alive for generations.”

Now residing in Washington, D.C., Kang has continued to support Whitman through her role on the President’s Advisory Board and her involvement with the advisory board for the student newspaper, The Whitman Wire. In May, Kang delivered the commencement address for Whitman’s Class of 2024.

Gable and Kang, along with Drew Shoals ’05 and Elizabeth Obershaw (Parent ’24), who joined the board in 2023, add new perspectives and expertise to the board. Their professional accomplishments and continued engagement with the college exemplify the values and leadership qualities that Whitman seeks to foster in its students and alumni.

The Whitman College Board of Trustees leadership includes Joseph C. Davis ’80, Chair; Danielle Garbe Reser ’97, Vice-Chair; and Leigh Ann Lucero ’91, Secretary.

Published on Jun 27, 2024
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