The following books can be found on the shelves outside of the Center for Teaching and Learning.
  • Aisenberg, Nadya. (1988). Women of academe: Outsiders in the sacred grove. Amhrest: University of Massachusetts Press.
  • Caplan, Paula J. (1993). Lifting a ton of feathers: A woman’s guide for surviving in the academic world. Toronto; Buffalo: University of Toronto Press.
  • Christian-Smith, Linda K. (1999). Everyday knowledge and uncommon truths: Women of the academy. Boulder, Colo.: Westview Press.
  • Fiol-Matta and Miriam K. Chamberlain. (1994). Women of color and the multicultural curriculum: Transforming the college classroom. New York: Feminist Press at the City University of New York.
  • Glazer-Raymo, Judith. (1999). Shattering the myths: Women in academe. Baltimore, Md.: Johns Hopkins University Press.
  • Hensel, Nancy H. (1991). Realizing gender equality in higher education: The need to integrate work-family issues. Washington, DC: School of Education and Human Development, George Washington University.
  • Simeone, Angela. (1987). Academic women: Working towards equality. South Hadley, Mass.: Bergin & Garvey.
  • The Chilly Collective. (1995). Breaking anonymity: The chilly climate for women faculty. [Waterloo, Ont.]: Wilfrid Laurier University Press.
  • Toth, Emily. (1997). Ms. Mentor’s impeccable advice for women in academia. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press.

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