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Weapons of the World

Weapons of the World was designed and created by history major Daniel Scalise '08 over the summer of 2007. The Maxey Museum is home to a variety of weapons from all over the world representing many different historical periods. This exhibit attempts to pair weapons from disparate cultures in order to raise global questions about the nature of weapons and violence. Included in this exhibit are rare fire arms from the Civil War period along with swords from the Philippines and bows from the American plains. 

 Filipino Swords 

A glass case, filled with tarnished swords and blades of all shapes and sizes.


 Native American Weapons

A glass case lined with red velvet. It's filled with wooden spears.


                         US Military                                                    Non-Military 

A glass case lined with red velvet, filled with guns and knives of various sorts, all with US military insignia       A glass case lined with red velvet, filled with guns and knives of various sorts.

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