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Iroquoia, Illustrated: Image and Text in Haudenosaunee Literary History

Iroquoia Illustrated Cover Picture

Iroquoia, Illustrated, curated by Professor Christopher Leise and in conjunction with the Sheehan Gallery's Seeing Stories: Traversing the Graphic Narrative, offers a glimpse into the Haudenosaunee peoples' accomplished illustrative legacy.

The Haudenosaunee-in English, the People of the Longhouse, or Iroquois Confederacy-are six nations of American Indians hailing from present-day New York and southern Canada. In commentary on the early years of European contact with Turtle Island, through the formation of the United States, and on into today, these peoples are often noted for their eloquent oration and distinctive contribution to American literatures. Beyond their remarkable command of language, however, the Iroquois have also demonstrated a long-standing commitment to accompanying their words with distinctive illustrations. This interest stems from the pre-Contact era and thrives in the present, manifesting in an archive that highlights the ways in which one American Indian body of self-representation both preserves tradition and grows along with its fascinating, complicated history. 

Inside the Iroquois exhibitWampum Strings & Belts Text Image

Another view inside the Iroquois exhibit' Moreof the Iroquois exhibitThe Iroquois exhibitA view inside the Iroquois exhibit

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