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D.C. Graham

 This vibrant exhibit came together after a three month renovation of the museum space.  It features highlights from the collection of Whitman alum David Crockett Graham.  Graham graduated in 1908 and worked as a missionary and anthropologist in China between 1911 and 1948.  This exhibit holds a colorful display of elegant silks, intriguing scrolls, and rare intimate portraits of Chinese and Tibetan individuals, including the Dalai Lama! All students at heart will enjoy the chance to explore this glimpse into China of the past. 

 Scroll: clothing advertisments               Silk clothes and a silk wall hanging

     Scroll: clothing advertisements                                                  Silks

   Boots and Foot Binding Shoes                                Crackelware Vase

Boots  and Foot Binding Shoes                                          A Crackleware Vase

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