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Jazz Ensemble I

Whitman College was recently named 7th Best University Jazz Program for 2017-18 by bestdegreeprograms.org 

This list took colleges that offer a jazz major, then ranked them by their acceptance rate, which explains why some of the nation's big-name jazz schools didn't make the list (Berklee, Eastman, etc.)  There is a strong correlation between low acceptance rates (how selective a college is) and high academic standards.  So another way to interpret this ranking is that, at Whitman, you can get a degree in jazz while getting a fantastically great, all-around education at one of the nation's uber top-notch liberal arts colleges.

However you slice it, we'll certainly take the compliment!  Here's the link:  https://www.bestdegreeprograms.org/top-schools/university-jazz-programs 

Jazz I is a 18-20 piece band (traditional big band instrumentation) comprised of Whitman's more advanced jazz players and is open to all students through audition. This group performs at least two major concerts a year and plays other functions on campus and in the area. We play a balance of modern and traditional big band arrangements, with student compositions frequently premiered. The group travels periodically to either the West Coast on performance tours or to regional jazz festivals like the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival in Moscow, ID. 

Nationally-acclaimed jazz artists stop at Whitman to perform and give masterclasses in between Seattle or Portland tour dates. Some recent guests include George Colligan, the Happy Orchestra, Gary Hobbs, Jeremy Siskind, Thomas Barber, Bill Watrous, John Stowell, Max Holmberg, and PROJECT Trio. 

Contact Doug Scarborough for more information, or find audition materials here.

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