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Zahi Zalloua

Zahi Zalloua

Cushing Eells Professor of Philosophy and Literature, Professor of Indigeneity, Race, and Ethnicity Studies

Ph.D. French
Princeton University

M.A. French
San Diego State University

M.A. Philosophy
San Diego State University

B.A. Philosophy
San Diego State University

Zahi Zalloua is Cushing Eells Professor of Philosophy and Literature and Director of IRES at Whitman College. He is also Editor of The Comparatist. His recent teaching and scholarship engage Critical Black Studies, the Posthuman, and the Palestinian Question. His current book project, titled The Politics of the Wretched, investigates ressentiment, a form of resentment that springs from historical dispossession and that is too often dismissed as dangerous or unproductive for activism and politics. Zalloua argues instead that the “public use of ressentiment” allows us to universalize our grievances and turn personal trauma into a common cause: that of the wretched of the earth.

Prof. Zalloua is the co-author, with Ilan Kapoor, of Universal Politics, and the author of Being Posthuman: Ontologies of the Future, Žižek on Race: Toward an Anti-Racist Future, Theory’s Autoimmunity: Skepticism, Literature, and Philosophy, Continental Philosophy and the Palestinian Question: Beyond the Jew and the Greek, Reading Unruly: Interpretation and Its Ethical Demands, and Montaigne and the Ethics of Skepticism.

More information can be found in Professor Zalloua's Curriculum Vitæ.

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