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Learning Goals

Upon graduation, a student will be able to:

Major-Specific Areas of Knowledge

Obtain high proficiency in the Spanish language (in reading, writing, speaking, and listening). Acquire an intellectually sophisticated understanding of important themes, styles, genres, periods, and issues in Peninsular, Latin American, and U.S. Latina and Latino literary, poetic, dramatic, cinematic, visual and performative cultural production. Acquire a critical and nuanced understanding of Peninsular, Latin American, and U.S. Latina and Latino cultures, traditions, and peoples.


Develop analytical, writing, and creative skills. Present individual and critical perspectives, concepts, readings, theories, and analyses academically.

Critical Thinking

Develop individual and original critical perspectives, concepts, theories, and analyses.

After College

Pursue intellectual curiosity and original research related to the discipline after graduating from Whitman.

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