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Senior Assessment

SAM Format Required Details
Honors, if eligible Yes  
Senior Seminar Yes  
Thesis Required Yes  
Oral Thesis Defense Yes One hour thesis defense, in Spanish. 
Oral Exam No
Written Exam(s) No
Pre-Thesis Oral No  


In the fall semester of the senior year students majoring in Hispanic Studies must pass a senior assessment consisting of:

  1. The successful completion of Spanish 490;
  2. The completion of an original research project discussing an aspect of Spanish, Latin American, and/or U.S. Latino and Latina literature, film, or theater. This project will be written in Spanish, use primary and secondary sources, be approximately 20 pages in length (minus footnotes and bibliography), and be approved and guided by the Spanish senior seminar adviser and;
  3. An hour-long oral exam in Spanish, where the student will defend the research project, answer questions about the project in context of the field of Spanish, Latin American, and/or U.S. Latino and Latina literature, film, or theater, and answer general questions about the student’s Spanish major program of study.
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