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Art - Environmental Studies

The Art-Environmental Studies major is designed to serve students whose deep interest in environmental issues dovetails with a developing capacity for creative thinking and production in the visual arts. Students will prepare an original body of work/project for the Senior Thesis Exhibition, a written artist statement, and successfully complete an oral defense of the work with a committee of 3-4 advisors from the Art; Art History and Visual Culture Studies; and Environmental Studies faculty. The thesis should clearly reflect an environmental focus and synthesis of ideas gleaned from Art, Environmental Studies and AHVCS coursework.

In addition to the courses required of all environmental studies majors, the following are required for the Art-Environmental Studies major:

Studio Art

Two beginning level or foundations courses from any area which includes Art 102-116, 123, 125, 130, 160, 167, 170, 180 as well as from any 100-level special projects courses labeled “Foundations”
  • One Beginning 3D course from either Art 130 or 160
  • One Intermediate, 200-level, course in any chosen area
  • One Advanced, 300-level, course in any chosen area
  • Art/Environmental Studies 314 (Art/Environmental Studies 314 cannot also fill the interdisciplinary requirement in Environmental Studies)

Art History

  • Art History 203 Critical Art History (Note: this is a prerequisite for all Art History above 203)
  • Art History 352
  • One of the following:
    • Art History 130 Politics of Photography
    • Art History 150 Architectural History of Walla Walla and Whitman College
    • Art History 211 Monuments and Memorials
    • Art History 228 Mayhem, Machines, Manifestos: Modernism in Art and Architecture
    • Art History 229 Art Since 1945
    • Art History 355 Indigenous Aesthetics: Native North American Art and Visual Culture
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