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Portrait of Andrea Dobson

Andrea K. Dobson

Associate Professor of Astronomy and General Studies, Chair of Astronomy

Associate Professor of Astronomy Andrea Dobson teaches a broad range of astronomy courses. Her interests include solar-type stars, the history of cosmology, gender & science and public outreach. In Professor Dobson's classes, students explore the context of learning and knowledge, asking questions like "how do we know this?" and "what difference does this make?" Dobson offers planetarium programs for students and local groups. Dobson values the existence of wilderness, the perspective we gain from seeing the ancient light of other galaxies and the opportunity to teach at an institution that can change the lives of those that can change the world for the better. 

Ph.D. Astronomy
New Mexico State University

M.S. Astronomy
New Mexico State University

B.A. Physics-Astronomy
Whitman College

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