Music Talent Scholarships
Whitman College invites you to audition for our prestigious Music Talent Scholarships. These are four-year renewable awards.

Regardless of potential major, music talent scholarships are awarded to candidates for admission to Whitman College who demonstrate outstanding musical talent. All scholarship recipients receive additional lesson scholarships on their respective instruments. Scholarship recipients are required to perform in the appropriate ensemble (Chorale, Collaborative Piano, Jazz I or II, Orchestra, or Wind Ensemble).

We accept auditions for voice, piano and organ, and all orchestral and jazz instruments. Those auditioning should perform selections from the classical repertoire with the exception of jazz performers. For example, string and wind players should perform a movement from a concerto (preferably from memory) and a contrasting selection from other advanced repertoire. Pianists should perform works at least on the level of a Bach 3-part invention or a movement of a Beethoven sonata. Vocalists should perform two art songs (one may be an aria), with at least one in a foreign language. Jazz players should perform a standard tune with improvisation being optional.