Started in the early 1970s, the Whitman College High School Enrichment Program allows local high school students to take one course per semester, for full college credit. Information and application forms are sent to area high schools in the spring, for the following academic year.

Course descriptions and the course schedule may be found via the following links.

  • Whitman College Catalog. From this page you can browse the catalog online or download a PDF version.
  • Course Schedule. This gives you access to meeting times, current capacity and enrollment, and instructor.
  • Academic Calendar. Download the Academic Calendar as a PDF, showing class days, breaks, and important dates.

If you plan to take Calculus, Chemistry, or a foreign language see this page for information about placement. You will not be able to take the Chemistry or foreign language placement exams until you have been admitted and given a Whitman ID number.

You may need to consult the campus map.

You will need to read and sign a plagiarism form before taking classes. You can download the Microsoft Word version or the printable PDF version or the fillable PDF version (fill it in right in your PDF viewer).