Gender Studies Faculty

  • Susanne Beechey

    Associate Professor of Politics

    Maxey Hall 129

    Professor Beechey's major interests are in gender, race, class and sexuality in U.S. public policy. Her current research focuses on the concept of deservingness in social policies, including Social Security and welfare. 

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  • Matthew Bost

    Matthew Bost

    Assistant Professor of Rhetoric, Writing and Public Discourse

    Olin Hall 249

    Professor Bost's teaching specialties include classical and contemporary rhetorical theory, freedom of speech and expression, and the intersections between rhetoric, identity and social change, with particular focus on feminist and queer rhetoric and social movements rooted in class.

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  • Korin Bradley

    Korin Bradley

    LGBTQIA+ Resource Coordinator

    Glover Alston Center 2nd Floor
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  • Eva Hoffmann

    Visiting Instructor of German and Gender Studies

    Olin Hall 346

    Professor Hoffmann's main research areas are in literary and cultural animal studies, gender studies, and literature from the 19th century to today.

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  • Jack Jackson

    Assistant Professor of Politics & Pre-Law Advisor

    Professor Jackson's teaching and scholarship focuses on political theory and law with a special emphasis on political theories of freedom, public law, feminist and queer theory, constitutionalism and democracy, and political theories of time. 

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  • Nina Lerman

    Associate Professor of History

    Professor Lerman teaches courses on colonial and 19th century US history, and about social, cultural, and material histories - including gender history, race and migration history, and histories of people interacting with their physical surroundings (nature, built environment, infrastructure, ordinary "stuff")

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  • Lydia McDermott

    Lydia McDermott

    Director of the Center fOr Writing and Speaking

    Olin Hall 185

    Lydia McDermott, Associate Professor of Rhetoric, Writing and Public Discourse, is the Director of the Center for Writing and Speaking as well as the First Year Seminars Writing Coordinator. She is currently serving as chair of the department.

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  • Suzanne Morrissey

    Suzanne Morrissey

    Associate Professor of Anthropology

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  • Kaitlyn G. Patia

    Kaitlyn G. Patia

    Assistant Professor of Rhetoric, Writing, and Public Discourse

    Olin 146

    Ph.D., Communication Arts & Sciences, Penn State 
    M.A., Communication Studies, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

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  • Nicole Simek

    Nicole Simek

    Director of Gender Studies, Associate Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures (French)

    Olin Hall 323

    Professor Simek's wider teaching and research interests include the intersection of politics and literature in Caribbean fiction, trauma theory, race and ethnic studies, and gender studies.

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  • Zahi Zalloua

    Zahi Zalloua

    Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures (French)

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