• Janet Davis

    Janet Davis

    Associate Professor of Computer Science, Microsoft Chair of Computer Science

    Janet Davis became a computer scientist in her first year of college, when she realized she was exhausted by science labs, but excited and energized by programming assignments. She decided to pursue graduate study in computer science during her senior year of college, when she realized she loved school too much to leave. As a graduate student, she fell in love with teaching, and she hasn’t left yet.

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  • William Bares

    William Bares

    Associate Professor of Computer Science

    Olin Hall 114

    Professor Bares enjoys teaching computer science at all levels. His teaching and research interests include computer graphics, virtual production and artificial intelligence. He started the Immersive Stories Lab to support collaborations around graphics, performance captures, visualization and more. 

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  • John Stratton

    John Stratton

    Associate Professor of Computer Science

    Olin Hall 249

    Professor John Stratton entered college with no knowledge of computer science or programming, but soon discovered his interest in this field and began to pursue a career in computer science with a focus on software and hardware. Professor Stratton's research interests include computer systems, compilers, software performance optimization and scientific computing.

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  • Parteek Kumar

    Parteek Kumar

    Visiting Professor of Computer Science

    Olin Hall 108

    Professor Kumar is a passionate teacher. He believes in delivering the content in a simplified way without losing the details of the subject to make learning interesting, enjoyable, and fulfilling. He loves to teach Python, Data Structure, Machine Learning, and Database Management Systems. He is a well-known author and his latest book, “Data Mining and Data Warehousing: Principles and Practical Techniques,” was published by Cambridge University Press. He is also the author of Simplified Approach to DBMS. He is running seven online courses on the Udemy platform.

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  • Jordan Wirfs-Brock

    Jordan Wirfs-Brock

    Assistant Professor of Computer Science

    Professor Wirfs-Brock loves communicating complex data in approachable, creative ways, a sensibility she brings to her teaching. This passion led her to computer science via data journalism and civic technology. Her research interests include conveying data through multi-sensory experiences, especially sound.

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