• William Bares

    William Bares

    Associate Professor of Computer Science

    Research Interests: Computer graphics, computer science education, virtual production, and artificial intelligence.

  • Janet Davis

    Janet Davis

    Associate Professor and Microsoft Chair of Computer Science

    Research Interests: Human-Computer Interaction, Persuasive Technology, Participatory Design, Value Sensitive Design

  • Cary Gray

    Cary Gray

    Visiting Assistant Professor of Computer Science

    Olin 120

    Research Interests: Distributed Systems, Operating Systems, History of Computing, Social/Philosophical Connections

  • John Stratton

    John Stratton

    Assistant Professor of Computer Science

    Olin 116

    Research Interests: Computer Systems, Compilers, Software Performance Optimization, and Scientific Computing

  • Dustin Palmer

    Dustin Palmer

    Math and Computer Science Technology Specialist

    Olin 126