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Do you enjoy solving problems, or designing and making things? Do you want to learn how things work? Do you like to express ideas carefully and precisely? Do you want to help people by creating (or critiquing) new technologies? If so, Computer Science might be the major for you!

Programming is challenging, creative, and collaborative. That said, computer science is more than just programming! For example, some computer scientists seek to prove that programs are correct (harder than it sounds!) or explore the social implications of computing. Computational thinking lets us ask new questions and seek new answers in a wide range of fields, such as art, literature, biology, economics, and sociology. Computing technology is increasingly pervasive throughout society; understanding computation may give you a unique and valuable perspective in fields such as business, law, politics, or philosophy. Computer scientists with a liberal arts background are noted for their strong communication skills, as well as their inclination to think about computational problems in a broad social context.

Computer science students at Whitman benefit from small classes, which give opportunities to work closely with faculty, learn and create with other students, practice explaining technical ideas, and consider the role of computing in society. Our curriculum provides a rigorous introduction to the foundations of computer science as well as contemporary applications.