The Anthropology Major

A total of 36 credits in anthropology to include Anthropology 101, 201, 490 and 492 (or 498); plus twenty additional credits. Of those additional credits, students must take at least one course in each of the following categories: Ethnographic Skills (312, 317, 325, 337, or 339) and bio- and environmental materialities (259, 300, 304, 306, 328,or 360). Prospective majors are encouraged to complete the two introductory courses (101 and 201) by the end of their sophomore year. During that same time, and in their junior and senior years, they are free to choose from the range of 200 and 300 level courses according to their interests. Students in their final year majoring in anthropology must pass a senior assessment consisting of an oral defense and/or presentation of their senior project (or honors thesis).

The Anthropology Minor

A minimum of 20 credits including: Anthropology 101 and 201 plus twelve additional credits in anthropology.


Our introductory courses-Becoming Human: An Introduction to Anthropology (101) and The Strange Familiar: Fundamentals of Cultural Anthropology (201)-are required for all majors and minors, and provide an overview of the four traditional fields of anthropological research: physical anthropology, archaeology, cultural anthropology and linguistics. Although we frequently invite visiting professors to offer courses in regional archaeology and archaeological theory, the majority of our courses are in cultural anthropology and linguistics, reflecting the specialization of our full-time faculty. Our 'upper level' courses are coded at the 200 and 300 levels. The two levels have nothing to do with relative 'difficulty', but refer to a distinction between ethnographic/regional courses (200 level), and theoretical/topical courses (300 level). So, for example, courses on Native North American, MesoAmerican, Chinese, and Tibeto-Burman peoples are coded at the 200 level, while courses on kinship, social movements, linguistics, ethnicity, religion, etc., are coded at the 300 level. All 200 and 300 level courses are open to majors and non-majors alike. 400 level courses are for senior majors only.

2018-2019 Course Offerings:

101 Becoming Human: An Introduction to Anthropology

201 The Strange Familiar: Fundamentals of Cultural Anthropology

246 ST: Indigenous, Ecologies, Epistemologies, Religion(s), Ontologies

247 ST: Indigenous Studies

247 ST: Anthropology & Religion

317 Language and Culture

318 History and Theory in Anthropology

325 The Anthropology of New/Digital Media

328 Medical Anthropology

358 Social Bodies, Diverse Identities: the Anthropology of Sex and Gender

417 Independent Study in Anthropology

490 Senior Seminar

492 Senior Project

498 Honors Thesis/Project

(for further information about available courses please see the course catalog)