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Center for Global Studies O'Donnell Visiting Educators

The Center for Global Studies Advisory Board welcomes proposals from faculty teaching in all three divisions for O'Donnell Visiting Educators (OVEs), supported by the Ashton J. and Virginia Graham O'Donnell Endowed Chair in the Global Studies Endowment. We will accept OVE proposals at any time of the year, funds permitting.

OVE Candidates

O'Donnell Visiting Educators are practitioners in international affairs, academics who straddle the academia/practitioner divide, or scholars with significant applied experience in international affairs. A strong candidate for an OVE may have international experience in a variety of areas, including any of the arts, sciences, technology, engineering, international business, diplomacy, social movements, environmental regulation, immigration, health, and development.

Typically, an OVE who spends a week or two at the college will teach classes in relevant existing course(s), give one or more public addresses and/or workshops, visit other appropriate courses, and/or make him or herself available to students and faculty who are interested in the OVE's area of expertise. One excellent source of names of persons who may be available for weeklong campus visits is the Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow Program, who are often individuals of considerable accomplishment in their fields.


Individuals or departments interested in hosting an OVE should submit their applications to the Global Studies Advisory Board, c/o Nicole Simek (simeknj@whitman.edu). You may make a proposal before finalizing your arrangements with the proposed OVE, but it is preferable to first determine whether he or she is available and interested in coming to campus. Similarly, though a final schedule is not required at the time of the proposal, a rough idea of when the OVE will come to campus is desirable to space out the programs. Your proposal should have three parts:

  1. A description of the individual being nominated. A CV is ideal, but a less formal document might also be satisfactory. You should include a statement explaining how this person fits within the guidelines of the endowment.
  2. A description of the nature of the visit, how it will fit into overall departmental and/or college curricula, and how our students will be encouraged to participate. In evaluating requests, the Committee will consider the length and depth of the interaction between students and the proposed OVE. OVEs may come to campus for periods ranging from a single lecture to a full semester.
  3. A budget form.

To enable students to earn credit for academic work done in conjunction with such visits, the faculty has adopted the following course: Interdisciplinary Studies 400, O'Donnell Endowment - Special Topics in Applied International Studies, which is offered for a single, un-graded credit. Proposals for course credit must include a course proposal form available on the Registrar's webpage (www.whitman.edu/registrar/services-for-faculty-and-staff/forms) and be submitted along with the OVE proposal.

Hosting Duties and OVE Compensation Estimates

Accepted applicants are charged with properly advertising these events for campus and community participation by creating posters and advertising with NPR and the UB. More information here: www.whitman.edu/provost/guest-lecturers/budgeting-guidelines.

Many of the tasks involved with hosting an OVE can be handled by the Office of the Provost and Dean of the Faculty (e.g., travel arrangements, arranging lodging). 

If you are considering a request for an international scholar, you should contact the Office of the Provost and Dean of the Faculty as soon as possible to discuss visa requirements. For tax purposes, we will need to know if the speaker is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and, if not, what type of non-resident alien immigration status they are under. Please note that even speakers living and working in the United States may be in the country under non-resident alien immigration status, so it is important to gather this information. Under certain visas, the IRS requires Whitman College to withhold 30% of the amount of funds to be received by the speaker. To minimize potential miscommunication with your speaker concerning these regulations, please see www.whitman.edu/human-resources/immigration-information. Without the appropriate documentation, honoraria cannot be paid to anyone.

The following are rough estimates of the usual compensation amount for an OVE. For a single event, the amount will depend on the stature of the OVE and the person administering the visit.

Length of Visit OVE Compensation Administrative Stipend
Single event $2,400 $240
Workshop (e.g., 1-2 weeks) $6,000 $600
Semester-long visit $60,000 $1,200
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