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Winter 2024

Whitman Magazine

Truman Scholarship Opens Door to a Life of Service
Feature Story

Truman Scholarship Opens Door to a Life of Service

Meet three Whitman College alums who received the prestigious Truman Scholarship, which supports graduate studies in public service. More than a decade later, the skills and values they learned as Truman Scholars and at Whitman still shape their unique careers.

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Feature Stories

Enjoy highlights from this issue of Whitman Magazine.

Dalia Biswas

Harnessing the Power of Data

Whitman College has a force in chemistry computing. Associate Professor of Chemistry Dalia Biswas is changing how science is taught and explored at Whitman—through her research and as part of an elite national faculty network. See how Biswas and Whitman are helping students and faculty harness the power of computational tools across disciplines to keep up with rapid changes in the sciences.

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Upward Together Panel discussion with alumni

Featured Video: Whittie Wisdom on Display

The world needs to Whitties! In the fall of 2023, during the Upward Together campaign launch weekend, Whitman College President Sarah R. Bolton moderated a panel of inspiring alumni who spoke about “Finding Success and Purpose in a Changing World” in front of a large crowd, including many students, at Chism Recital Hall in Whitman’s Hall of Music. 

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Pavel Blogav

Professor Pavel Blagov Nurtures Student Research in Whitman’s Personality Lab

Pavel Blagov, Professor of Psychology and Director of Whitman’s Personality Lab, mentors students as they make connections between memory and personality while making meaningful connections in the Whitman and Walla Walla communities.

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Sign outside the Personality Lab

What Happens in Whitman’s Personality Lab?

Whitman College alums provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the Personality Lab, where they gained valuable skills, self awareness and leadership experience while carrying out fascinating research with Psychology professors.

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Cat Posey

History of a Tech Superwoman With Cat Posey

Cat Posey ’05 leans on her love of history and storytelling—nurtured at Whitman—to inform her work in technology. As a corporate leader and the founder of Tech by Superwomen, Posey is a trailblazer. Currently, Posey is focused on using her knowledge and influence to help create both tech and support systems, particularly for women, to have a positive and thoughtful impact.

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Wanjiru Kamau Rutenberg

Changing the World & Building Community Among Black Women Leaders

Whitman College alum and global leader Wanjiru Kamau-Rutenberg ’01 establishes Black Women in Executive Leadership, or B-WEL, an initiative to create a connected global community of Black women leaders.

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Madeline Senter

Student Researcher Finds the Joy of Discovery

Madeline Senter ’25 has channeled new passions into their studies at Whitman College. As a double major in French and Francophone Studies and Gender Studies, Senter has been a key player and gained skills and understanding on a one-of-a-kind Métis Family Photo Archive project.

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Collage of vintage photographs.

Research Project Leads to Groundbreaking Photo Archives

Professor of French and Francophone Studies Sarah Hurlburt ’91 worked with local families and Whitman archivists to digitize and catalog nearly 2,000 photographers of Métis (“mixed race” in French) people of French and Indigenous descent taken in the mid-1800s through the mid-1900s.

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Baker Weilert-Pekar

Q&A: Fast 5 With Whitman’s Director of Debate & Forensics

Baker Weilert-Pekar shares insights on his role as Whitman’s Director of Debate and Forensics—including what makes Whitman students special to coach and mentor.

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On Boyer Avenue

What’s happening on campus—community and college news.

Students climbing a wall

Meet the Whitties Behind The Whitman Outdoor Journal

Whitman College has long been known for its robust Outdoor Program and adventurous outings. Two current students—Harrison Whittemore ’25 and Arden Hunt ’25—are leading a team who have trekked into new territory on campus with the creation of a slick four-color print magazine, The Whitman Outdoor Journal.

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A Pasxapa PowWow performer.

Pášxapa Powwow Celebrates Culture and Collaboration

Whitman College, the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation (CTUIR) and Walla Walla Community College partnered to host the inaugural Pášx̣apa Powwow. More than 400 people came from three states and five tribal communities to attend this monumental event.

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Robart Hall architect vision illustration.

Whitman Names Robart Hall Following Leadership Gift to Student Village

Whitman College received a leadership gift for a new junior-senior residential village and will name a hall in honor of Judge James Robart ’69. The announcement was made at a November 2023 Seattle event at T-Mobile Park launching the college’s Upward Together campaign.

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Whitties Heping Whitties logo

3 Things To Know About Whitman Connect

Whitman Connect is an exclusive virtual platform for the Whitman community to mentor students and recent graduates, sharing experiences and professional guidance.

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Exterior of the clubhouse at Borleske Stadium
Taking Shape

Whitman Blues Baseball Clubhouse at Borleske Stadium

When their 2024 seasons open, the Whitman Blues and Walla Walla Sweets will have a new home. The 3,300-square-foot clubhouse will feature a team locker room, a training room, team spaces and more! See how the clubhouse is coming together.

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Klaudia Kyjovska ’22
Pathways to Success

Finding a Future in Finance

Hailing from Slovakia, Klaudia Kyjovska ’22 came to Whitman College and followed a growing curiosity about all things finance. Today, Kyjovska works alongside a number of other Whitties as an analyst at Trilogy Search Partners, where her primary focus involves providing guidance to entrepreneurs on potential acquisitions to evolve and advance their businesses.

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