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A Year Like No Other

View of a computer screen with Zoom participants within an auditorium

Last spring, COVID-19 forced Whitman College to take decisive actions to keep students, faculty and staff safe. A year into this new world of masks, quarantines and social distancing, the pandemic still isn't over. But with the rollout of vaccines and the return to (modified) in-person classes for the Spring 2021 semester signaling the beginning of a new phase, we take time to pause and reflect on this historic time.


Soothing Strings

On March 20, 2020, Rose Heising ’20 lifted the mood on campus by playing her violin outside Hunter Conservatory. Heising decided to play "Amazing Grace" because it's a hymn that most people know and it doesn't carry any negative weight. She said she was feeling a little blue and told herself that "at noon tomorrow I will stand outside and play music for an hour." Enjoy Heising's performance below:

Published on May 25, 2021
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