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Fall 2022

Whitman Magazine

The Long Tent: A Long Time Coming
Feature Story

The Long Tent: A Long Time Coming

The Long Tent: A unique collaboration brought ‘education without exploitation’ to Whitman College. For a week of listening and learning, April 18–24, 2022, Native American dignitaries and hosts greeted visitors to the Long Tent on Ankeny Field, the first such structure on a modern college campus.

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Feature Stories

Enjoy highlights from this issue of Whitman Magazine.

Finding Purpose in People

On a brilliant May day more than 40 years after his own Whitman College graduation, Steve Hammond ’79 faced the Class of 2022 from behind the podium—a tall figure in a long black robe. 

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Meant to be Shared

“I always knew I wanted to start a business,” says Rosalinda Mendoza ’06. Early on in her journey to entrepreneurship, she chose to study economics at Whitman College—with that future business dream in mind.

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Broadcasting from its own floor in the Reid Campus Center, you can hear the college’s student-led radio station—KWCW 90.5 FM—locally in Walla Walla or streamed online. 

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Heart of a Champion

On March 19, 2022, Tanner Filion, ’23 won the NCAA Division III National Championships in the 200 backstroke in a record-breaking performance he never saw coming.

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Biting Off a Dire & Dangerous Crisis

Snakes will be snakes. Like all living critters, they’ll defend themselves from perceived threats. As human populations expand and encroach into snake habitat, human-snake encounters increase. This can spell tragedy for people living in those areas.

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A Long Time Coming

The April snow was unexpected. To some, it was a seasonal novelty, to others an annoyance. For Roger Amerman ’80, it was a sign. The Native gods, and their hallowed sky and land, offered a blessing of sorts. 

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What Remains

Iowa, 1971. Construction workers unearth the skeletal remains of 26 white settlers and one Native American woman and her baby. The remains of the 26 settlers are buried in a local cemetery.

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Going Deep

Whether staked out on a well-worn bear trail on a wild island off the coast of Alaska or standing in the corner of a room filled with community leaders in Ghana, Rick Smith’s job is to watch and wait.

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New Dimensions

When William Bares was young, he loved video arcades. He played a few games, but he mostly studied them—sketching their graphics, examining how they worked, noticing their stories.

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On Boyer Avenue

What’s happening on campus—community and college news.

Sarah Bolton

A Warm Whitman Welcome

In July 2022 Whitman College staff, faculty and students came together to welcome President Sarah Bolton to campus.

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The Opportunity to Find Myself

The Whitman College theater and economics major will spend a year traveling to seven countries to learn about African artists in the diaspora as a recipient of the Thomas J. Watson fellowship.

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Grace Newman

Goldwater Scholar

How to apply for a Goldwater scholarship, which helps outstanding students to pursue careers in mathematics, the natural sciences, or engineering.

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John Johnson

Advancing Essential Work

The National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education appointed Whitman College Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion John Johnson to its highly selective Chief Diversity Officer Fellows Program.

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Students outside

What's Your Whitman Happy Place?

We surveyed Whitman College students, faculty and staff to see what spots on our beautiful campus brought them joy and comfort. Here are some of the responses.

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Whether you’re just starting your first job, embarking on a career change, or preparing to retire after a fulfilling life’s work, we want to help you share your news with your classmates.

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Whitman Magazine is the flagship publication of Whitman College. It supports the college and its strategic goals by telling our best stories, whether about alumni, students, faculty, staff, donors or the institution itself. 

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