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Watch: The Sky’s the Limit for Liam Dubay ’21

A campus tour sealed the deal when Liam Dubay ’21 chose Whitman College to pursue two unrelated passions:

"Initially, I just put Whitman on my list because it was one of the few places in the Pacific Northwest where I could actually study astronomy and study music at the same time,” he says.

The opportunity to engage with faculty—including Associate Professor of Astronomy Andrea Dobson, who would later become his academic advisor, and Sally Singer, studio music instructor—during his visit to Whitman convinced Dubay it was the right college for him. 

"Between the two of them, I thought: These are two amazing people that I would get to work with if I came here. So that pretty much sold me.”

Dubay graduated with honors in both of his majors, physics-astronomy and music (performance), in May 2021.

Hear more about how he beautifully composed his own unique Whitman experience and see a clip of the cello duet he recorded with himself during the pandemic in this video interview.

Published on Jul 15, 2021
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