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Deborah Grubb Moskovitz ’91

Deborah Grubb Moskovitz ’91As a lifetime learner, Deborah Grubb Moskovitz ’91 is proud to support the progress of Upward Together. While at Whitman College, Moskovitz majored in Geology and minored in Music, following her love of piano and choir. Regional geology trips taken during her undergraduate years sparked a love for nature and the outdoors. Her commitment to give back through the Regional Geology Field Experience Endowment funded equipment, meals, and support for regional geology field experiences, as well as the now existing Deborah Grubb Moskovitz Geology Computer Lab. Moskovitz is also extremely passionate about directly supporting Whitties through need-based aid scholarships. With the Deborah Grubb Moskovitz Scholarship Endowment, she is excited to sustain further access to Whitman while helping students pursue what they’re passionate about.

Moskovitz resides in Sacramento, California, with her spouse, Bob, and her daughter, Renee. She spends her time teaching water aerobics and serving as a docent at the Effie Yeaw Nature Center. She recently became a California Naturalist.

Fifty Under 50 is a new initiative recognizing emerging leaders in philanthropy. Members are graduates of the class of 1989 or later and have made gifts and pledges exceeding $50,000 to the campaign.
Published on Mar 27, 2024
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