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Merit and Talent Awards

You will automatically be considered for several merit-based academic scholarships once you apply to Whitman. We offer additional scholarships to students who have demonstrated excellence in music, theater and dance, art, or debate.

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General Merit-Based Academic Scholarships

When you apply to Whitman, you will automatically be considered for the following merit scholarships. No additional application is necessary.

Whitman awards four-year renewable merit-based scholarships of up to $25,000 to entering students who have excelled academically.

Once you are awarded a merit scholarship you will continue to receive the same merit award during each of your four years at Whitman. If you are enrolled less than full-time in any year, your scholarship amount will prorated based on the number of credits you take.

The Garrett-Sherwood Scholarships are awarded by Whitman to exceptional applicants who exhibit outstanding academic achievement, leadership and contributions to their schools and communities.

While at Whitman, Garrett-Sherwood Scholars meet regularly on campus throughout the school year for socials, networking receptions, roundtable discussions, national grant and fellowship information sessions, and other events. In addition, over spring break of junior year, Garrett-Sherwood Scholars travel to New York City for a career exploration and networking trip. There, they have a chance to meet local alumni who are leaders in finance, business, media, culture and government and can assist the scholars in making contacts in their potential career fields.

Garret-Sherwood Scholars are also invited to campus to visit at Whitman's expense during the weekend of Admitted Students Day, or any weekend of their choice.

This scholarship is awarded to an entering student who has financial need and demonstrates high academic achievement and talent in the fine or performing arts or humanities. The Eells scholarship covers tuition and fees for four years and includes a research grant.

President's and Talent-Based Scholarships

Whitman offers scholarships in music, theatre arts, visual art and debate. These talent-based awards require an additional application and may require an on-campus or video audition.

After September 1, you can access the scholarship applications, after submitting your Common App. Log in to Whitman's applicant portal to submit your scholarship application within days of your admission deadline: 

  • Early Decision I Admission Deadline: Nov. 15
  • Early Decision I Talent Scholarship Deadline: Nov. 20 

  • Early Decision II Admission Deadline: Jan. 10
  • Early Decision II Talent Scholarship Deadline: Jan. 15

  • Regular Decision Admission Deadline: Jan. 15
  • Regular Decision Talent Scholarship Deadline: Jan. 23

These scholarships are open to all majors. However, students awarded these scholarships are expected to participate in the arts at some level throughout their time at Whitman—whether it be joining an ensemble, working backstage in a play, joining the debate team, or taking art classes. These scholarships honor your passions and fuel your creative spirit.

If you have any questions, please contact Jesse Crosby, talent scholarship coordinator, at crosbyj@whitman.edu.

Learn more about individual requirements below:

The Department of Theater and Dance invites all students with an interest in theater and/or dance to apply for the President’s Scholarship in Theater. You can explore the application requirements on the department website. We will be accepting materials for consideration in the areas of:
  • Acting
  • Dance
  • Design
  • Dramaturgy
  • Playwriting
  • Directing
  • Stage Management
  • Technical Theater
  • Production or Theater Management
  • Educational Outreach
  • Marketing for Theater and Dance

Learn more about the application requirements on the department websiteDetails about scholarship requirements are also available in the applicant portal after you submit your Whitman Common Application.

If you have exceptional talent, experience and demonstrated skill in art and intend to at least minor in art, we invite you to apply for a President's Scholarship in Fine Arts. This application requires a 10-piece portfolio of your artwork and a brief artist's statement. The portfolio may cover multiple media. For more information check out our Art Department. Details about scholarship requirements are also available in the applicant portal after you submit your Whitman Common Application. 

Scholarships are awarded to entering students in recognition of exceptional talent in debate, regardless of experience level. You can explore more about Whitman debate program on the department websiteDetails about scholarship requirements are also available in the applicant portal after you submit your Whitman Common Application.

Whitman College invites you to audition for the Music Talent Scholarships. Regardless of major, music talent scholarships are awarded to candidates who demonstrate outstanding musical talent. Learn more about the music scholarship application on the department website. Auditions are offered for voice, piano and organ, and all orchestral instruments. Students receiving a music scholarship must be enrolled in one of our musical ensembles. Details about scholarship requirements are also available in the applicant portal after you submit your Whitman Common Application.

National Merit Scholarships

If you are a National Merit finalist and you notify the National Merit Scholarship Corporation by May 1 that Whitman is your first-choice college, you will receive a $2,000 annual National Merit Scholarship from Whitman if you are admitted.

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