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Daniel Noor

Daniel Bloor


Admission Officer

California (San Diego)
New Jersey
New York
North Carolina
South Carolina
Washington (Seattle - East (Bellevue), Spokane)

Preferred Name: Daniel 

Hometown: Santa Ana, CA

Education: B.A. Sociology-Environmental Studies, Whitman College ‘23

What I love about Whitman: I love the community and all the connections I made throughout my own time at Whitman. I think that there’s a space for anyone to be themselves here and I value that.

Why I enjoy working in Admissions: I enjoyed my time at Whitman so much that I wanted to share my experiences with others. I want to help other people come to Whitman if it’s where they want to be. The admissions team helped me get to Whitman and I want to help others do the same.

Favorite Activities in Walla Walla: I love to watch the sunset or stargaze in the wheat fields, find a good place to set up my hammock, or visit Manny at Grandma’s Kitchen. You can also catch me at every home swim meet.

My Favorite Place on Campus: There’s a bench on Ankeny by the tennis courts. On my first night on campus, I saw a shooting star at that bench and for my four years of undergrad, it was my favorite place to sit. Also, Harvey Pool, there will always be fun posters of the swim team on the walls!

Fun Fact(s) About Me: My dream car is an imported Japanese Kei Truck, I own Lightning McQueen Crocs, and I once beat an Olympic swimmer in a race.

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