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Learning Goals

Upon graduation, a student will be able to:

Major-Specific Areas of Knowledge

  • Identify and interpret important ideas, assumptions, and debates that are central to the study of Asia and the Middle East.
  • Develop an interdisciplinary approach to understanding and engaging in discussions about issues in the field of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies.

Accessing Academic Community/Resources

Comprehend, digest, and analyze scholarly works with attention to the author's thesis, methodology, structure of argument and use of evidence.

Critical Thinking

  • Develop skills of critical analysis that are broadly transferable.
  • Analyze issues with a variety of tools and approaches from a range of disciplines

Research Experience

Conduct a substantial academic inquiry about a focused research question, demonstrating a depth of understanding of a research area, the mastery of relevant methods, and a capacity to generate substantive results in the form of a senior thesis. 

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