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Comparative Religion Courses

100-Level Courses

  • Religion 100 Introduction to Religion
  • Religion 103 Death and Afterlife
  • Religion 107 Religion and Society
  • Religion 109 Conceptions of Ultimate Reality
  • Religion 110 Religion and the Senses
  • Religion 116, 117 Comparative Studies in Religion
  • Religion 150 Evil and Suffering

200-Level Courses

  • Religion 221 South Asian Religions I
  • Religion 222 South Asian Religions II
  • Religion 223 Religion and Sexuality in Global Perspective
  • Religion 236 Comparative Scriptures
  • Religion 260 Religion in America, Civil War to Present
  • Religion 287 Queer Religiosities

300-Level Courses

  • Religion 307 Mediating Religions
  • Religion 330 Multireligious South Asia
  • Religion 349 Field Studies in the Pacific NW
  • Religion 355 Religious Intolerance in the Contemporary US
  • Religion 358 Feminist and Liberation Theologies
  • Religion 370 New Religious Movements

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