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Greg Harman, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology

Greg Harman


Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology

Dr. Harman grew up in Bethesda, MD and Lake Forest, IL, and subsequently has lived in Baltimore,MD; Durham, NC; St. Paul, MN; Elmhurst, IL; and now Walla Walla. He was a teacher for a decade,a teacher of teachers for around another decade so far. Teaching is vocation for him, not merelywork. Becoming immersed in it gave him daily joy, but also perpetual frustration at the shortcomingsin American schooling. So, his research interests went in two directions: best teaching practices andphilosophy/psychology of education in the interest of re-making schooling.

Hamline University, 2006

North Carolina State University, 1994

B.A. International Studies
The Johns Hopkins University, 1989

Education, schooling, curriculum, educational philosophy, educational psychology, social studies, teaching.

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