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Learning Goals

Major-Specific Areas of Knowledge

  • Physics Methodology

    • Use physical principles to develop a conceptual understanding of physical systems
    • Model physical systems mathematically
    • Design and conduct experiments and compare models to experimental data
  • Physics Subject Content

    • Develop understanding and appreciation of core physical theories: classical mechanics, electricity and magnetism, quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, and statistical physics.
    • Understand the domains of relevance of the theories and apply appropriate theory to physical problems.
    • Use ideas from other specific subject areas, for example: optics, biological physics, particle physics
  • Skills

    • Solve complex problems
    • Apply a variety of mathematical techniques when solving problems
    • Use computation to model systems and solve problems
    • Utilize scientific instrumentation
    • Analyze and interpret data


Communicate scientific findings and solutions to problems effectively orally and in writing.

Scientific Literacy

Acquire new physics knowledge by reading primary literature and textbooks.

Research Experience

Participate in research (e.g., summer internships, mentoring experiences and independent study).

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