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Michelle Jenkins

Michelle Jenkins

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Michelle grew up in Alaska before venturing to the Lower 48 for college (at Franklin and Marshall College) and graduate school (at the University of Arizona). Her area of focus is ancient philosophy, with a particular interest in Plato's discussions of moral and intellectual development. She also has an interest in conceptions of happiness (because don't we all want to be happy?), in notions of personhood (just when *will* those robots be people? are dolphins already people?), and in theories of understanding.

If you take a class with Michelle, you will soon discover that she has very cuddly cats that she adores, that she enjoys reading and watching science fiction, and that she would most certainly take a ride on the TARDIS with the Doctor, if given the opportunity. 

B.A. Franklin & Marshall College, 2003

Ph.D. University of Arizona, 2010

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