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Will Boyles, Assistant Professor of Statistics

Will Boyles

Assistant Professor of Statistics

Ph.D. in Statistics
Texas A&M University

B.S. in Mathematical Statistics, Minor in Environmental Studies
Wake Forest University

  • Statistical Education Research
  • Statistics Classroom Resource Development
  • Spatial Statistics
  • Environmental Statistics

MATH 128 - Introduction to Statistics

MATH 247 - Statistics with Applications

MATH 248 - Statistical Modeling

MATH 349 - Probability Theory

Boyles, W., & Dabney, A. (2023). Evaluating a University-Wide Mathematics Assessment for Use in Introductory Statistics Course Performance. International Journal of Higher Education, 12(3), 116-116.

Boyles, W., & Katzfuss, M. (2021). Ensemble Kalman filter updates based on regularized sparse inverse Cholesky factors. Monthly Weather Review149(7), 2231-2238.

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