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Brianna Gormly

Brianna Gormly '13 in libraryAlumna Brianna Gormly has been appointed as the Digital Initiatives Librarian at Franklin & Marshall College. After graduating from Whitman, she went on to pursue a dual Master of Archival Studies and Master of Library and Information Studies from the University of British Columbia. Most recently, she worked as a digital preservation assistant at the Digitization Centre, UBC, and as a research assistant for InterPARES Trust, also at UBC.

Here's what Brianna has to say about the English Major's influence on this trajectory:

"The skills I developed in the English major, particularly close reading texts and forming academic arguments, were invaluable when I started my master degree program. Pursuing graduate school in a different field, the skills I had gained at Whitman College gave me the tools to think critically about a new body of scholarship. In fact, it was my experience as an English major that led me to work in archives and special collections. Specifically, I had the opportunity to use special collections material at the British Library as a research assistant for a Whitman professor. I now have completed a Master of Archival Studies and Master of Library and Information Studies and work as a Digital Initiatives Librarian in the Archives and Special Collections at Franklin and Marshall College."

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