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Matthew Tien.

Matthew Tien

(he/ him, they/them)

Assistant Professor of Biology

Matthew Tien’s research pursuits are to investigate how microbial systems can better improve societal practices. Focusing on bioengineering and bioremediation, Matthew hopes to better understand how microbes shape our environment and how they can be used in green technologies or to alleviate the environmental cost of human operations. He combines both classical molecular and microbiology techniques with high-throughput biotechnologies and computational methods to address these issues. His courses in microbiology and computational biology are to help students better understand these critical issues and to elucidate how biological research can improve our current society.

In Matthew’s free time, he is an avid outdoor climber!

Ph.D. Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
University of Chicago
May 2018

B.S. Biochemistry
University of Texas at Austin
May 2012

Matthew enjoys working with students to understand how microbes change their gene expression, develop genetic tools to engineer microbes, and build computational models to predict the outcomes of our tools.

Matthew Tien, Aretha Fiebig, Sean Crosson. “Gene network analysis identifies a central post-transcriptional regulator of cellular stress survival.” Elife 7(2018): e33684.

Matthew Z. Tien, Benjamin J. Stein, Sean Crosson. “Coherent Feedforward Regulation of Gene Expression by Caulobacter sT and GsrN during Hyperosmotic Stress.” Journal of Bacteriology 200(19)

Matthew Z. Tien, Dariya K. Sydykova, Austin G. Meyer, Claus O. Wilke. “PeptideBuilder: A simple Python library to generate model peptides." PeerJ 1(2013): e80.

Matthew Z. Tien, Austin G. Meyer, Dariya K. Sydykova, Stephanie J. Spielman, Claus O. Wilke. “Maximum Allowed Solvent Accessibilites of Residues in Proteins.” PLoS ONE 8(11): e80635.

John O. Woods, Matthew Z. Tien, Edward M. Marcotte. “Interrogating conserved elements of diseases using Boolean combinations of orthologous phenotypes.” bioRxiv 017947; doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/017947.

Hui-Qi Qu, Matthew Tien, Constantin Polychronakos. “Statistical significance in genetic association
studies.” Clinical and Investigative Medicine 33(5) (2010).

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