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Top 11 Reasons to Major in Art History and Visual Culture Studies (2019 edition!)

Students trying to interpret art

11. You enjoyed ARTH 103: Introduction to Art History and Visual Culture Studies (i.e. looking at and writing about visual texts).
10. You are drawn to things we call art, people we call artists, and the histories and ideas they embody.
9. You like visiting museums and galleries.
8. You wonder about monuments, memorials, murals, and earth art.
7. You are curious about archives.
6. You can imagine a career in education, publishing, libraries, museums, galleries, auction houses, architectural conservation, and arts organizations at all levels (from ArtWalla to the Venice Biennale). 
5. You want to study abroad.
4. You want to take a senior trip.
3. You want to intern at one of several local arts organizations.
2. You want to work closely with dedicated teachers and scholars in a small, well-connected, unconventional, and lively program.
1. You aspire to become an active historian and interpreter of the visual world and built

Published on May 13, 2019
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