If you have talent, experience, and demonstrated skills in theater and dance, and you intend to make a strong contribution to the program during your four years at Whitman, we invite you to apply for a President's Scholarship in Theater and Dance.

The President's Scholarship meets all of the student's demonstrated financial need when combined with scholarships or grants from any other sources and varies per year according to need. Precise scholarship amounts will be listed in the student's Financial Aid Award letter. Financial need is determined annually by the Office of Financial Aid Services using data from both the FAFSA and the CSS Profile.

Students receiving the President's Scholarships are expected to be active contributors to the department and participate in at least two productions a year in the Harper Joy Theatre. As junior and senior students, it is anticipated that scholarship recipients will take on leadership roles in the theatre and mentor newer students.

President’s Scholarship in Theater and Dance Application Process

Before you start your application:

Check the deadline dates for all portions of the process with the Office of Admissions. Here is a link to their site.

  1. Apply for Admission to Whitman: In order to be eligible for the President's Scholarship, you must apply for admission to the College. Here's a link to the application deadlines.
  2. Submit Financial Aid Forms: Both your FAFSA and CSS Profile must be submitted to the appropriate agencies if you intend to apply for need-based financial aid.
  3. Apply for the President’s Scholarship: Log in to your account to upload your recommendation letters and your resume. 
  4. Arrange for an Interview: Once you have completed ALL of your admissions and scholarship requirements you must schedule an interview time. Call the Theater and Dance Department directly, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. PT, by calling the department office at 509-527-5279. Auditions and interviews will be held in the spring. Plan to bring all required scholarship application materials with you to your interview.
  5. Prepare Your Scholarship Audition/Presentation Materials: Everyone who requests an audition must bring the following materials with them:
      1. A resume of theatrical experience.
      2. Two letters of recommendation pertaining to your theater experience.
      3. High school and, where appropriate, college transcripts.
      4. Prepared Audition/Presentation Materials listed below:
        • Acting: Prepare two contrasting monologues, not longer than two minutes each. These should be from roles appropriate to your age and experience. Auditionees with a musical background may also present a short sung piece. Those with musical theatre skills may also prepare sixteen bars of a short upbeat song from a musical theatre score. You will need to provide your own accompaniment via a digital player that hooks up to an AUX port.
        • Dance: Present a 3-4 minute solo (from any genre or hybrid of genres) that you have choreographed. Music or sound files should be on a digital player that hooks up to an AUX port.
        • Design: Present a portfolio and be prepared to discuss your work. The portfolio may include video or audio samples, pictures, renderings, and technical drawings.
        • Directing: Present examples of your work as a director. These might include such records recorded rehearsals, prompt books, concept statements, diaries of pre-production and rehearsal procedures.
        • Playwriting: Submit two ten-page playwriting samples. (Playwriting samples should be sent at a minimum of two weeks in advance of your interview. See the departmental mailing address below).
        • Stage Management: Present a prompt script and organizational materials from productions you have been involved with. Be prepared to discuss your materials.
        • Technical Theatre: Present a portfolio of your theatre work. Be prepared to discuss them. The portfolio may include video or audio samples, pictures, renderings, and technical drawings.
    *If you are unable come to campus for your audition/ interview you can upload your audition materials either as a web link or as PDF files when you apply for the President's Scholarship. If you have any additional questions regarding the audition or interview procedures, please contact the Theater and Dance Department directly at 509-527-5279.
    1. Notification of Award Status: Applicants will be notified of their award status in writing. Please see the Office of Admissions scholarship page for the dates of notification.

We invite you to spend the day on campus before your interview. During this day you can meet with members of the admission staff, take a campus tour, and visit a class. We will be able to house a limited number of students overnight on campus; there are a number of hotels within walking distance of campus. It is your responsibility to schedule these portions of your visit online at the Visit Whitman page at least two weeks in advance. If you have questions after visiting our website, please contact the Office of Admission. You can reach us at 509-527-5176, at visit@whitman.edu, or toll free at 877-462-9448.

If you are interested in attending a performance at the Harper Joy Theatre while on campus, make reservations with the administrative assistant when you call for an audition appointment. You can find information concerning production dates, times and ticket prices at www.whitman.edu/hjt

If you have questions about the scholarship please contact Heidi Chapin, toll-free at 877-462-9448 or chapinh@whitman.edu.