Devised by THTR-381, Faculty, and Walla Walla Community Collaborators

Directed by Jessica Cerullo


Tia Kramer, Emma Cooper, Francisco Esquivel, Sabina Rogers, Erina Horikawa, Jessica Cerullo, Evan Marks, Donoven Olsen, Madeline (Maddy) Gold, Dani Schlenker, Mira Skladany


Emma  Cooper, Francisco Esquivel, Mira Skladany, Erina Horikawa, Donoven Olsen, Sabina Rogers, Dani Schlenker. Madeline (Maddy) Gold, Polly Officer, Mathew Schetina, Gary Grundei

Production Crew

Director - Jessica Cerullo

Social Choreographer - Tia Kramer

Music Direction and Composition - Gary Grundei

Costume Design - Eliza Van De Rostyne 

Scenic Design - The Ensemble 

Scenic Consultant - Nate Tomsheck

Sound Design and Op  - Evan Marks

Light Design - Kevin Walker

Light Board Op - Radko Bachvaroff

Stage Manager - Grace Sanwald 

Stage Hand & Dresser - Bagy Chaparro Ceniceros D

Listening Booth Design - Tia Kramer & David Schulz 

Hear Here Walla Walla Sound Designer and Technologist - Eric Olsen