2022-2023 Season

Kissing the Witch

Directed by Dr. Laura Hope

Mar 2 - 5

Adapted from her book of thirteen revisionist fairy tales of the same name, this play interweaves four classic plots - Beauty and the Beast, Donkeyskin, the Goose Girl, the Little Mermaid - with an invented one about a desperate girl going to a witch for help. Kissing the Witch finds the gritty in the fantastical, and excavates magic to find what's really going on.


The Climate Project

April 6 - 8

This will be devised theater around the climate change project. Students will work with guest artists to create a devised piece around climate change and its impact on our community.

over under on in between

Choreographed by Renée Archibald, Peter DeGrasse, and LROD

May 4 - 7

over under on in between features three yet-to-be made dances by faculty members Renée Archibald, Peter de Grasse, and returning guest artist LROD, whose hybrid dance/film work was presented in the Studio Series last year. The three student-performed works will foreground collaboration as method and subject and will consider concepts of relationality.