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Guest Artist Program

In addition to our curricular and production offerings, we also invite professional guest artists as part of our Guest Artist Program, which allows working professionals to visit the Whitman Campus and share their expertise, experience, and talent with our theater students. This program is made possible through the generous gifts of the John R. Freimann Visiting Artist Endowment and the Harper Joy and Dorothy Mendenhall Joy Memorial Fund.

Directors, designers, playwrights, choreographers, actors, and other theater specialists who have participated in our theater program in recent years include:

Guest Artists for They Don't Pay? We Won't Pay! by Dario Fo and Franca Rame

Devin Peterson - Scenic Designer
Genevieve Beller - Costume Designer
Trevor Cushman - Lighting Designer
Rob Witmer - Sound Designer
Craig Wollam - Master Electrician

Guest Artists for bare by Damon Intrabartolo and Jon Hartmere

Alex Higgin-Houser - Director
Jessica Rosas Posada - Music Director
Dani Norberg - Lighting Designer

Guest Artists for 2022 Studio Series

Mina Nishimura - Performer
Sadiqua Iman - Performer
Christopher Williams - Performer
Carlo Antoniuo Ortega Villanueva - Performer

Guest Artists for Kissing the Witch by Emma Donoghue

Drew Yerys - Lighting Design
Andrew Fox - Sound Design

Guest Artists for The Climate Change Project directed by Annelise Lawson

Annelise Lawson - Director

Guest Artists for over under on in between: a dance show

Guest Artists for The Revolutionists by Lauren Gunderson

Mike Inwood - Lighting Design
Lauren T. Roark - Costume Design
Robertson D. Witmer - Sound Design
Nate Tomsheck - Scenic Design
Monica R. Harris - Actor, the role of Marianne

Guest Artists for GHOST PIXCELLS - Our Fall Dance Concert

Kathleen Kelley - Choreographer
Christian Von Howard - Choreographer 
LD DeArmon  - Lighting Design 

Guest Artists for The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood

Aaron Chvatal - Costume Designer
Wen-Ling Liao - Lighting Design 
Cliff Caruthers - Sound Design
Andrew Fox - Music Director & Arranger
Renée Archibald - Choreographer
Dan Schindler - Scenic Designer

Guest Artists for Blood at the Root by Dominique Morisseau

Gamal Abdel Chasten - Director
Millicent Johnnie - Choreographer
Mike Durst - Lighting Designer
Darron West - Sound Designer

Eric Ting & Aldo Billingslea - "Grappling with Othello in Contemporary American Theatre"

Patrick Page - "Whitman to Broadway"

Enrique Urueta,  Luis Alfaro, Migdalia Cruz & Elaine Romero: On Borders and Hybridity: Contemporary Latinx Theatre “On Borders and Hybridity: Contemporary Latinx Theatre”

Torange Yeghiazarian - "Putting the Middle East Center Stage" 

Debbie Chinn - "The Business side of Theater: Creative Approaches to Diversifying Arts Organizations from the Stage to the Board of Directors"

Alexis Black – Intimacy Director
Ashley Flowers – Props Designer
Jess Pretty – Choreographer
Thorn Michaels – Lighting Designer
Leslie Stamoolis – Costume Designer
Jessica Buttery – Lighting Designer
Jimmy Garver –  Sound Designer
Mike Inwood – Lighting Designer
Carey Hanson – Costume Designer
Devin Petersen – Scenic Designer
Angelica Langley – Spring Studio Series workshop
Laura Ann Samuelson – Performance
Julie Mayo  – Performance and Workshop
Tia Kramer – Spring Studio Series
Jade King Carroll – Guest Director 
Sharath Patel – Sound Design

Scot Augustson - Playwright
Mia Chung - Playwright
Genevieve Beller - Costume Designer
Mike Inwood - Lighting Designer
Rob Witmer - Sound Designer
Gary Grundei - Musical Director
Tia Kramer - Dramaturgy
Kristin Leahey - Dramaturgy
Sharath Patel - Sound Designer
Annaliese Baker - Costume Designer
Lillie DeArmon - Stage Manager
Michaels Thorn - Lighting Designer
Eliza Van De Rostyne - Costume Designer
Raquel Davis - Lighting Designer
Carlos Vargas - Salgado - Stage Director

James Mapes - Lighting Designer
Evan Mosher - Sound Designer
Kristopher Pourzal - Guest Performer
Candace Rose - Dance Accompanist
Paul Whetstone - Dance Accompanist
Jakyung Seo - Lighting Designer
Heather Kravas - Guest Performer
Tia Kramer - Dramaturgy
Gary Grundei - Musical Director
Andrea Andresakis - Director and choreographer
Shawn Stalberger - Dance Accompanist
Paul Whetstone - Dance Accompanist
Anna Whitehead - Guest Performer

Heather Aichele - Costume Designer
Scot Augustson - Playwright
Genevieve Beller - Costume Designer
James Graver - Sound Designer
Michael Inwood - Lighting Designer
James Mapes - Lighting Designer
Yvonne Meier - Choreographer
Evan Mosher - Sound Designer
Greg Moss - Playwright
Gregg Mozgala - Actor and dancer
Sarah Lee Parker - Dancer
Akiko Rotch - Scenic Designer
Elizabeth Stanton - Sound Designer
Aimee Suzara - Playwright
Nathan Tomsheck - Scenic Designer
Jakyung Seo - Lighting Designer
Tom Valach - Costume Crafts Workshop
Angie Wright - Costume Designer

Andy Sowers - Sound Designer
Scot Augustson - Playwright
David Bengali - Lighting Designer
Angie Wright - Wig, Make up and Hair Designer
Genevieve Beller - Costume Designer
Paul Budraitis - Director
David Thomson - Choreographer
Jennifer Zeyl - Set Designer
Sarah Cubbage - Costume Designer
Arthur Rotch - Set Designer
Karine Keithley Syers - Playwright
Mara Poliak - Choreographer/Performer
Maryanne Lachman - Choreographer/Performer
Jessica Litwak - Playwright
Christine Williams - Vocal Workshop
Mike Inwood - Lighting Designer
Christina Trotto - Stage Management
Erin Thompson - Costume Design Assistant
Meredith Ries - Set Designer
Lily Fossner - Lighting Designer
Nibia Pastrana Santiago - Choreographer

David Schmader (playwright)
Sybil Kempson (playwright)
Angie Wright (wig and make-up)
Art Rotch (lighting designer)
Lily Fossner (lighting designer)
Sayda Trujillo (clown ensemble/movement coach)
Laurie Haluska (costume designer)
James Bigbee Garver (sound designer)
Dante Olivia Smith (set designer)
Claudia Everett (costume designer)
Tláloc López-Watermann (lighting designer)
Jesse Hewit (dance)
Larry Arrington (dance)
Deke Weaver (dance)
Jimmy Maize (visiting educator)
Lucky Peckham (visiting educator for sound)
Joe Krienke (movement coach)

Daniel Alexander Jones (playwright)
Kristin Newbom-Hancock (playwright)
Seth Reiser (lighting designer)
Jimmy Maize (director)
Eliza Ladd (movement and voice coach)
Akiko Nishijima Rotch (scenic designer)
Raquel Davis (lighting designer)
Michael Walling (director)
James Bigbee Garver (sound designer)
Elizabeth Klob (costume designer)
Dante Olivia Smith (lighting design, costume design, playwright)
Gerard Manning (AD Seattle Rep)
Laurie Haluska (costume designer)
Angie Wright (wig and make-up)
Sara Walsh (scenic designer)

Laura Jelenick (set designer)
Brian Ireland (Set designer)
Akiko Rotch (set designer)
Greg Moss (playwright)
Lucy Thurber (playwright)
Elizabeth Harper (light designer)
Raquel Davis (light designer)
Driscoll Otto (light designer)
Corinne Merrell (set designer)
Laura Haluska (costume)
Angie Wright (hair and make up)
Nina Trotto (stage management)

Dan LeFranc (playwright)
Jason Grote (playwright)
Kristen Kosmas (playwright)
Vivienne Friedman (costume)
Christine Bowers (costume)
Laurie Haluska (costume)
Erin Thompson (costume)
Jimmy Garver (sound design)
Rose Henderson-Diehl
Claudia Everett (costume)
Mimi Lien (set design)
Sarah Mixson (stage manager)
Raquel Davis (light design)
Gary Gabriel

Adam Rapp (playwright)
Sheri Wilner (playwright)
Kristen Kosmas (playwright)
Greg Mitchell (light design)
Brian Senter (fight choreographer)
Laurie Haluska (costume)
Ann Stephens (costumes)
Jason Weber (costume)
Erin Thompson (costume)
Lucia Neare (voice)
Raquel Davis (light design)
eth Reiser (light design)
Christina Campanella (writer, composer)
Stephanie Fleischmann (writer, composer)
David Barber (set design)

Nick Zagone (playwright)
Kia Corthron (playwright)
Calvin Johnson (playwright)
Kristen Kosmas (playwright)
Claudia Everett (costume)
Eliza Rankin (set design)
Laurie Haluska (costume)
Greg Mitchell (set design)
Shannon Doughety
Raquel Davis (light design)
James Garver (sound design)
Carey Hanson (costume)
Ryan Burbank (Stage Management)
Alden Moore (movement)

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