Lucy Evans-Rippy (Dec ’21) - Guide & Script; Allison O’Leary (May ’21) - Guide & Script; Jay Tyson (Dec ’21) - Filming, Editing, & Script; Nate Tomsheck, Senior Lecturer of Theater and Technical Director, - Supervisor & Script

Questions About Theater and Dance?

Acting Studio

The acting studio serves as our primary acting classroom, but is also a “smart classroom” and a fully functional performance space. Versatile seating arrangements accommodate sixty to one hundred audience members.

Dance Studio

Our large Dance Studio on Boyer Avenue features a sprung black Marley floor, large windows with natural light, a full wall of mirrors and moveable theatrical curtains which convert the studio into a low-tech black box space. The studio's amenities include a full drum kit, congas, piano and portable barres, as well as smart classroom technology.