Students at Whitman College can major in Sociology or Sociology-Environmental Studies, or minor in Sociology. For course descriptions and details, please consult the Whitman College Catalog.

The Sociology Major

36 Credits 


  • Sociology 117, 207, 251, 490, either 492 or 498
  • At least one 300-level course excluding all courses completed off-campus or as an independent study
  • Additional credits to total 36 credits

Other notes

  • No PDF courses can count towards the major
  • No more than 8 transfer credits may apply toward the major
  • Students should take Soc 117 as early in their Whitman education as possible
  • Students should take Soc 207 and 251 before senior year, if possible; these are only offered in the fall semester

Senior Assessment Components

  • Sociology 490 (fall), 492 or 498 (spring), must be taken in fall-to-spring sequence
  • Written thesis
  • Oral Comprehensive Exam

The Sociology-Environmental Studies Major

Please see the Sociology-Environmental Studies page for requirements.

The Sociology Minor

18 Credits


  • Sociology 117, 207, 251
  • Additional credits to total 18 credits
  • Courses cannot be taken PDF