The Psychology Major 

Research Resources

  • PsycINFO -  Psychology research database by the APA
  • Qualtrics - Online survey platform
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) Policy
  • IRB  proposal forms
    • Psychology Thesis students:
      The IRB proposal forms in PDF are for your information and proposal drafting purposes only. Prepare a complete draft proposal and present it to your thesis advisor. Your thesis advisor will let you know whether the proposal is ready for submission to the IRB. At that point, submit your proposal electronically online, using the IRB's proposal submission portal. Participant recruitment and data collection must not begin until after the IRB has confirmed in writing the approval of your proposal. 
    • The IRB accepts electronic proposal submissions only.
    • Other Whitman researchers:
      Feel free to use the resources here.
  • Sample Informed Consent form (contributed by Matthew Prull)
  • Sample Informed Consent form (contributed by Melissa Clearfield)
  • Sample  Informed Consent form (contributed by Pavel Blagov)

Links to Helpful External Resources