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Personality Laboratory

The Personality Lab (established in 2009) provides space, electronic equipment, software, and more than 120 research and professional tools for studying individual differences, mental health, and neuropsychological functioning.

Current or prospective students interested in gaining experience in personality research may get in touch with the Personality Lab director, Prof. Blagov.

Current Lab Members

Virgil Berlin
Phoebe Brock-Dolas
Xaaran Dolence – Head R.A.
Bethany Hermann – Head R.A.
Britt Christensen
Pavel S. Blagov, PhD - Director

Recent projects focus on such topics as:

  • links between personality and personal memories
  • personality adjustment in sexual minority individuals
  • maladaptive personality
  • topics based on students' interests

Former lab members and their last known distinctions:

Abigail Bergey: R.A. at Mass General Hospital
Olivia Liponis: resident director at Whitman College
Addison "Max" Duvall: applying to clinical psychology programs
Miaomiao "Doris" Yu: pursuing a master’s degree at NYU
Candice Chen: pursuing an M.A. in education
Matt Evans: pursuing an M.A. in counseling
Alix Friedman: teaching English for the USTA program by Fulbright Austria
Mariel Garcia: admitted to a Ph.D. program in behavioral neuroscience
Helen Maslen: pursuing an M.A. in industrial-organizational psychology
Yifan "Catherine" Yang: pursing an M.S.
Zachary Calo: works as an R.A.Morgan Lawless: pursuing a J.D.
Kristi Von Handorf: pursuing a Ph.D.
Alan Pugh: earned an M.S.W.
Morgan Walker: pursing an M.A.
Claire Westcott: earned MMSc & P.A.-C.
Joshua Goodman: earned a Ph.D.
Claire Ulrickson: works in health care
Paul Butler: earned an M.A.
Elizabeth Schiller: earned an M.B.A.
Hailun Zhao: earned an M.A.
Kathryn Oost: Pursuing a Ph.D.
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